Akpe Emmanuel Chukwuweike is a seasoned Medical Laboratory Scientist with lots of experience in handling work related stress. This book is as result of the health challenges he suffered when he faced some stressful situations in his office in 2012. This is what motivated him to find a lasting solution to work related stress. He was the Editor-In-Chief of the first student Medical Laboratory Journal, “BIOMEDICAL QUEST JOURNAL” while in the university in Ibadan.

He has presented this topic in two radio stations in Abuja (NigeriaInfo FM and Love FM) and will also be training staff of GTBank Asokoro in Abuja on how to manage work related stress next month march. It is his dream that Nigerians will get to understand how stress affects their health and how they can manage it.

He holds a BMLS degree (second class upper division) and is currently the Laboratory Manager of Zitadel Medical and Diagnostics Ltd Abuja. He is married with a son.


In 2012, the author was faced with a lot challenges in the office which made him stressed out. This stress started affecting his health negatively. In a quest to find a lasting solution to the stress, he embarks on a two year research to find a solution to the problem of work stress.

In chapter one, the author gives a comprehensive definition of what stress is, the types of stress, causes of stress, how our body responds to stress and how these responses lead to major illness. In chapter two a more detailed explanation of how stress affects our body, what chemicals (hormones) are produced by the body and how these hormones affect our health adversely is given. Akpe Emmanuel also states how stress can be diagnosed and managed effectively.

The author narrates how he is introduced to the rat race of life in chapter three. He also states many signs that will show you whether you are in the rat race or not and how to escape the rat race to live a meaningful life. We spend half of our lives in the workplace so our relationship there matters a lot. This is the major crux of chapter four. The author explains in details how workplace relationships affect our work and causes us great stress.

Chapter five talks about developing a positive attitude. This is because the attitude we bring to work affect our quality of work and can affect our health too. According to chapter six, being in the right job is also a major factor in managing work related stress effectively. In chapter seven, the author explains how seeking God can help you solve problems in the office and manage stress conveniently.

It is the belief of the author that knowing and understanding your job description is a very effective way to manage stress. This is the main point in chapter eight. Understanding your job description enables you to find easier ways to do your duties. Chapter nine states how to identify a toxic or difficult boss and how to handle them. It is also difficult to handle emotional staff especially when you want to bring out the best in them. Chapter ten shows you how to do that.

It is very difficult to cope with stress in today’s world because of the enormous challenges technology brings to the fore. In chapter eleven you will learn how to cope with stress in today’s world. Chapter twelve emphasizes how motivation and reward propels staff to work better and with less stress. The author explains the relationship between stress, food and obesity in chapter thirteen. Office politics is frustrating a lot of people. The author explains the difference between good and bad office politics and how to play good office politics in chapter fourteen.

Chapter fifteen states the various method of committing fraud and financial crime in the workplace and how not to fall victim to such schemes. A lot of people have lost their lives in the course of their work while some others do not know when to quit their job. It is because of this that the author explains when to quit your stressful job in chapter sixteen. In chapter seventeen, the author explains the right and privileges of both employees and employers. Chapters eighteen and nineteen explains how to be outstanding in your office and how to apply office ethics and etiquette respectively.

The book ends in chapter twenty with powerful quotes about workplace stress.


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